Jake Baez

Graphic Designer

This is a sample of my work. Welcome and thank you for visiting.

  • Rip City Banner

    A banner I made for facebook and other purposes to celebrate the Portland Trailblazers winning over the Houston Rockets to make it into Round 2 for the first time since 2000!! Go Blazers!

  • Soundcloud Cluster

    A special project I was given at Alpha Broadcasting afforded me the opportunity to devise a new system for podcasting and audio content hosting that was reproducible, sustainable, trackable, and easy to understand/train. Through a partnership with Soundcloud, I helped implement the full system, from audio files, to Soundcloud accounts, to feedburner, to itunes. The system is currently being implemented for all six radio stations.

  • Countryfest 2013

    Demo Project made as a mockup for an alternate branding of the Countryfest concert organized by KUPL 98.7 The Bull.

  • Bing Fanrow

    Graphics made to support the bing lounge fanrow promotion where fans are selected to sit in the front row and get to meet and take photos with the band after the show.

  • LarsLarson.com

    Complete redesign of the Lars Larson webpage, LarsLarson.com. Made using a wordpress platform and a modified premium theme. Plugins added to make the site functional to the specification of the client. Prominent features are the bookshelf slider, USA affiliates map, and the Soundcloud Podcasting integration.

  • College Music Series

    College Music Series posters to promote a concert series in the Bing Lounge. Sponsored by ultrabook and featuring prominent new artists.

  • Omni Asylum

    Logo project for a local Rally Racecar driver's home garage which features a whopping NINE Dodge Omnis. The image is a distortion of GLHS creator Carroll Shelby in his trademark hat, wearing a straight jacket.

  • Lind - Save The Date

    Save the Date postcard for the marriage of Blake Lind and Tricia Shepherd, tying the knot to announce their tying of the proverbial knot.

  • SOS Residency

    Band in Residency poster for a concert series featuring the local portland band Shadows on Starts all throughout March at McMenamins White Eagle saloon. Hand painted acrylic multi-layered background, digitally composited with splatter paint stars and superimposed type.

  • Wax Tailor

    Expressive Type final project poster advertising a fictional concert to take place somewhere in portland, OR. All elements handmade and digitally composed.

  • Fly Coat

    CMY Kill Apparel line. Purple Womens Jacket with original illustration of a stylized fly screen printed onto the back in white.

  • Heroine

    CMY Kill Apparel line. Black T-shirt with original illustration of a female comic style heroine screen printed onto the front in white.

  • Life & Death

    CMY Kill Apparel line. White Longsleeve base shirt with handprint on front and original illustration of skulls screen printed onto the sleeves in green.

  • Orange Fly

    CMY Kill Apparel line. Orange T-shirt with original illustration of a stylized fly screen printed onto the front in pink.

  • reFine

    CMY Kill Apparel line. White V-neck shirt with original illustration of a red-readed woman's face screen printed onto the front in red-orange and black.

  • Rich Black

    CMY Kill Apparel line. White T-shirt with original illustration of a former instructor and his favorite catch phrase printed onto the front in blackand embellished in hand painted black acrylic paint.

  • White Fly

    CMY Kill Apparel line. White "Wife Beater" undershirt with original illustration of a stylized fly screen printed onto the front in blue.

  • Fishleaf Dig

    Identity Systems project poster advertising a fictional botanical aquarium promoting horticultural education.

  • Fishleaf Grow

    Identity Systems project poster advertising a fictional botanical aquarium promoting horticultural education.

  • Fishleaf Shine

    Identity Systems project poster advertising a fictional botanical aquarium promoting horticultural education.

  • Fishleaf Swim

    Identity Systems project poster advertising a fictional botanical aquarium promoting Aquaculture education.

  • El Ruso Package

    Custom Packaging project depicting a fictional Russian Luchador superhero named El Ruso. Vacuum sealed hand painted action figure and cape accessory with original illustration of El Ruso in action on a custom backing.

  • El Ruso Promo

    Custom illustration of El Ruso in his prime to promote the El Ruso products.

  • XP Energy Potions

    Custom Packaging project promoting a fictional energy supplement called XP Energy Potion marketed towards gaming and nerd culture implementing Hero attributes as variations.

  • El Fuego

    Custom Packaging project repurposing something in nature. Hinged Coconut shell containing short roll cigars and sweet toasted coconut to freshen your breath after a stogie.

  • Identity Cards

    Business cards for a studio of designers that reflects aspects of their personal identity. Original illustration of a favorite animal on a favorite color with the designers signature.

  • BOB ~ FTF

    Poster Set for OSU concert series Battle of the Bands and Flat Tail Festival featuring original illustrations of members of a diverse fictional pop group and expressive type layout.

  • BOB/FTF Extras

    Extra deliverables for OSU concert series Battle of the Bands and Flat Tail Festival. Tshirts, promo postcards and sunglasses.

About Me


I could work you and myself into a fervor by using superfluous and grandiose terms like "Synergy", "Innovation", "Passion", "Drive" and go on and on about how "Incredibly Unique" I am. The fact of the matter is that my craft, like every other craft, exists because many other people have been doing it long before I have. I'm a living breathing part of a rich history of design that influences and informs how I make my decisions as a creative. I don't claim to be the best part of that, but at the end of the day, design excites me. I feel priveliged to be able to do what I do, and I do it in a big way. I can draw, paint, sculpt, write, photograph, video, edit, code, speak, brainstorm, create, collect, and recontextualize like many others...but I'm a success becuase I care about the individual. I care about the work, and I'm here to make a difference. This is what I do, I know it will fit what you need.

It's also fun to make things look real super pretty.

My Skills

  • English
  • Bad English
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ninjitsu
  • Spanish
  • Adobe CS
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • WordPress


  • Constructive Bamboo Destructionist
  • OSU Design Larva
  • Equipment and Multimedia Wizard
  • Grammar Ogre, Sentence Goblin, Spelling Orc
  • Beardsmith
  • More details here


These are a few of the things I can do, besides eating and sleeping and stuff.

  • Web Design

    Front end interface design and resource management. Proficiency in HTML, CSS, Drupal and Wordpress. Familiarity with Javascript and Flash.

  • Graphic Design

    Creation and combination of words, symbols, and images to create visual ideas and messages. Usage of a mix of typography, illustration and page layout techniques to produce the final result. Print or digital, physical or metaphysical, sweet or savory.

  • E-commerce

    Using the internet and marketing data to leverage the greatest market exposure from you to your client. Gotta get the money, dolla dolla bill$ Y'all.

  • Photography

    Years of visual arts experience have afforded me the ability to know what I need and how to get it. Although I am not a photographer by trade, I am more than capable of capturing the right subject in the right moment, the right way.


I can talk myself up all day, but I'll refrain. Here's a bit of what other have said about me and my work.

"Jake Baez has worked for me as a Graphic Designer/Web Developer at Oregon State University's Memorial Union...He is self-motivated and works efficiently. In his position he needs to work both on his own and with groups of people and he does both very well. "

Kent Sumner
Marketing & Assesment - OSU Memorial Union

"I know Jake because he is engaging, friendly, and he seems to enjoy getting to know his "neighbors" -- a quality that makes a community stronger."

Laurie Bridges
Librarian - OSU Library

"Jake is a gifted and creative designer. I find that his work stands out from others and is always very interesting. Jake is fun to work with and he always inspires me!"

Linda Howard
Program Advisor - OSU MU Program Council

"His immense knowledge in graphic design and creativity are an important resource for us and we are eager to utilize them for marketing purposes."

Joy Das
Process Engineer

"Jake is a very passionate and process oriented writer. He pays attention to detail and organizes his thoughts very well."

Susana Rivera-Mills
Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts - OSU

"Jake is a positive and engaging person. He brings commitment to his work and energy to interpersonal relationships. He is a wonderful person with whom to interact."

Larry Roper
Vice Provost of Student Affairs - OSU


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